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Annual Installation 2 December 2023 - RWM Bro. Stuart William Baird

Right Worshipful Master, Brother Stuart William Baird

Brother Stuart William Baird was newly installed as Right Worshipful Master on Saturday 2 December 2023 at the Erskine Hall in Tarbolton. The event, marked by tradition and Masonic brotherhood, witnessed the skilled hands of Installing Masters Brothers Danny Baird PM, William Lindsay PM, and Graham McCrone PM guiding the proceedings.

RWM Bro. Baird with Installing Masters Bro. William Lindsay PM, Bro. Danny Baird PM and Bro. Graham McCrone PM

A significant and emotional highlight of the evening unfolded as Past Master Bro. Danny Baird, with a proud heart, installed his son into the chair for the first time, enhancing the already memorable ceremony.

The Baird Family: Bro. Robert Baird (Bible Bearer), RWM Bro. Stuart Baird, Bro. Danny Baird PM (Installing Master), and Brother Daniel Baird

The meeting was also attended by Substitute Provincial Grand Master Brother John Muir, leading a sizeable Deputation of Brethren from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire.

RWM Bro. Stuart Bair, Installing Masters and Deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire headed by Bro. John Muir Substitute Provincial Grand Master

After the installation, the Lodge main hall was used for a festive board, where a sumptuous three-course celebratory meal was enjoyed by all. The traditional Loyal Toast initiated a series of toasts that resonated with camaraderie and respect.

Brother Colin Ritchie PM set the tone with a heartfelt toast to the Grand Lodge of Scotland and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire, receiving a gracious response from Substitute Provincial Grand Master Brother John Muir.

Bro. Colin Ritchie, WSW
Substitute Provincial Grand Master, Bro. John Muir

The spotlight then turned to Bro. Robert Green, Past Master of Lodge St. John Maybole No. 11, whose extensively researched toast to the Lodge earned him an extended round of applause, showcasing the brethren's approval. It was a benchmark in terms of detail and delivery and Bro. Alec Shuttleworth Depute Master, responded with warmth to Bro. Green's toast and added his usual humorous touch. Details of Brother Green's toast can be read here.

Bro. Robert Green PM Lodge St. John Maybole No. 11

Bro. Alec Shuttleworth Depute Master

The evening continued with toasts to the visitors by WJW Bro. Rob Brown and a reply from RWM Bro. Ross Fisher.

Bro. Rob Brown WJW
Bro. Ross Fisher RWM Lodge Wallace St. Hugh No 1212

RWM Brother Baird then expressed gratitude to his Installing Masters, with each responding in kind, acknowledging his achievement as the new Right Worshipful Master and offering sincere wishes for the year ahead along with their support.

Bro. Danny Baird Installing Master

Bro. Graham McCrone Installing Master
Bro. William Lindsay Installing Master

Brother Robert Baird then raised a toast to the Artists and Stewards, met with a fitting response from Brother David Rae, PM.

Bro. Robert Baird, Bible Bearer

The night unfolded with captivating entertainment provided by talented Brethren, including Depute Master Brother Alec Shuttleworth and Honorary Member Brother James Cameron and also Toastmaster for the evening Bro. Gavin Barrie PM.

Bro. Gavin Barrie, Lodge Treasurer and Toastmaster

A moment of international camaraderie touched the hearts of all present when Brother Torben Hellmund from Denmark presented the Right Worshipful Master with an imperfect ashlar. This thoughtful gift served as a symbolic reminder that, in Masonry, the pursuit of perfection is a shared journey and one which Masons try to perfect.

Bro. Torben Hellmund from Denmark presenting RWM Bro. Stuart Baird with an imperfect ashlar.

The final toast of the evening was given by Bro. Daniel Baird, to his brother, the RWM. Bro. Daniel entertained the brethren with stories of his brother, and ended by proclaiming how proud a day it was for the family.

Bro. Daniel Baird

It was a great day of celebration and festivities, enjoyed by the brethren of 135 and the visitors.

At the end of the evening, the brethren joined hands in the singing of Auld Lang Syne, then each took aff his several way, resolv'd to meet some ither day.


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